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Bare Chested Willie: Issue with Quest-line Payouts

kenalbon89 wrote:
Hello All :-o

I am planning on opening a ticket with EA, so that they can add it to their to-do list for future issue updates/fixes, but before doing so I did want to check that it isn't an issue only I am having. As of the 2014 yard sale BCW was re-released as a premium skin but I have noticed that quest related tasks do not payout at the premium rate for him in particular.

First picked this up when I had to send citizens to donate blood (Chester Dupree's quest line) and again when I had to send citizens to hangout at Honest Johns. It's a long shot but has anyone else noticed this and/or does someone own the skin and has yet to finish that quest line to see if it is an issue for them, too?

I haven't noticed that with BCW myself, but similar things have been reported with temporary tasks for other charecters.
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