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What about...? TSTO widgets?

Android's always had widgets. :) Ok, enough fanboying over Android... Maybe now that Android and iOS have widgets, they'd do something. But I can't imagine what they'd do. I think sending characters on tasks would be too much for a simple widget, but it could give you stats on what's going on, countdowns until tasks or buildings are ready... Hmmm yeah, that could be pretty cool.


  • kenalbon89
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    edited September 2014
    At best the widget would allow you to send all available characters on, for instance, a 4h task but would require you to come online to clear thumbs, handshakes etc. That way they aren't removing the need to actually log in but could come in handy if someone logged off or had the game crash before they could allocate a task. Could also be used to set broadcast channels for KBBL and the news station.
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