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My apologies for sending add request.

Too often. Peruse the forum and you will see many who have had this problem. Good news is, there are also many (not enough) who have been able to recover their Springfields. Chin up!


  • battyguy
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    edited December 2012
    Level 8. Sigh..
    Long way to go...i suspect you will be doing this during christmas dinner!
    Or spend a day at starbucks for free wifi!

    Is there anyone out there?
  • ickshter
    117 posts
    edited December 2012
    LOL. I have it on my iphone... 3G baby! I don't like to pile on the houses. But I am doing just that to get there faster... short of buying a boatload of doughnuts!
  • julesg007
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    edited December 2012
    Sorry to hear you're yet another player who was reset, still cannot understand why this issue has not been sorted at this stage.

    I have also seen reports of EA bringing back players town so I hope that EA can do it for you and as Spiffshine says have a good look here on the forum and here; http://answers.ea.com/t5/The-Simpsons-Tapped-Out/bd-p/The-Simpsons-Tapped-Out for further advice.

    Good luck with your current game and I hope you can progress quickly and get all of the limited Christams items in your new town.

    If you spent money on donuts for your old town and you feel that EA are not going to get your old town back, I'd suggest you seek a refund via Apple/iTunes and use the refund to buy donuts should you feel inclined to on your new town.
  • ickshter
    117 posts
    edited December 2012
    Thanks, I don't buy the doughnuts, that is why I am not complaining too loudly... It was just such a nice town ;). I was just done with the prison. Now I have a krusty burger....
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