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Nerd are available to purchase


  • MaxxSpider
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    edited October 2014
    NeoSEC28 wrote:

    that's some serious case of wasting donuts... or something else

    i agree but it looks cool

  • bluyoshi88810
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    edited October 2014
    I have one nerd outside of The Androids Dungeon so far. My game is freezing and crashing like crazy, so it's kind of hard to stay in for more than five minutes.
  • drosax1
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    edited October 2014
    DonJP-94 wrote:
    DonJP-94 wrote:
    So are they just decorations who can't move or are they Non-Playable Characters like Mayan God etc. ?

    They stay at a fixed point but have movement every so often. The premium ones have a good multiplier.

    Thanks, that's too bad then, I was hoping for a NPC..

    Well it would be hard because they are chained up but if you're town is under attack or if you have buildings destroyed they are running around
  • Deadshot_DCU
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    edited October 2014
    Why 2 separate sets of the same nerds but in different colors?

    Surely 1 set of the 4 is sufficient.
  • Rich0913
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    edited October 2014
    manfaiwan wrote:
    Just noticed the Nerds are available for purchase. Seems to be very expensive.
    Think I'll pass.... :roll:
  • checkeredman
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    edited October 2014
    There's no way I'm purchasing the nerds w/ donuts, but I did scoop up two of each of the in-game cash nerds for my SF and KL.

    It's too bad that since there are 4 different nerds of each color (8 in total) that at least a red & blue version of one of the other nerds could have been bought with elixir...
  • chrisgyo
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    edited October 2014
    cant have castles without nerds :D

    i'll buy 2 red and 2 blue for each castle...none using donuts though :? screw that
  • VinaBaker
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    edited October 2014
    I'm usually a push over for premium content/decorations. But these do nothing for me. Even with the possibility of using **** content in KL, I don't really want these.
  • iZENstein898
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    edited October 2014
    I've invested a lot of time and money (over $300) into this game. I admittedly love it but I'm starting to get a little disenchanted with EA's running of the game when it comes to the premium items. I know EA has to make money - FINE but now it is to the point in my opinion that they are taking advantage of us gamers.

    Point in example, just days away from end of Clash of Clones they introduce the 200 donut Bart skin and chained Nerds. Great, thanks for introducing them but paying for the Bart skin is too expensive and the NERDS SHOULD BE ABLE TO BE PURCHASED WITH ELIXIR! It goes completely against the logic of the Clash of Clones segment to make us pay cash now while the game is going on. My girlfriend has over 200000 elixir and doesn't want to buy another wall she want to buy some fun stuff. Hey what about the new chained Nerds - nope only cash or donuts.

    I really think EA should consider a buy in price for the game. Once you've spent x $'s on the game for donuts your game opens up to buying premium items with game cash - just make those items really expensive with the game cash. If you want to keep people spending money after this have it that during events that those premiums have to be initially paid with donuts but again don't make so many items out of reach. The donut thing is just starting to reek of greed. Again, I'm not against EA making a buck.

    Also, I really think the game should be set up that at the end of events the elixir should convert in some exchange to cash - PEOPLE SPENT TIME AND (OFTEN REAL) MONEY EARNING THIS STUFF - LET THEM BENEFIT.

    Finally, there should DONUT SHOPS in the towns that you visit. Think of it. You visit someone's town and you visit their donut shop and you use your freemium cash to buy donuts. This way you keep the social aspect going and let people get some donuts for free. You can set a limit but also don't be so cheap that you get like one donut for alot of cash.

    Again, I love the game and I even laugh when the game takes jabs at us for spending money but now it is guilding the lily and taking advantage of us in order to make money from us.
  • empathy77
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    edited October 2014
    They should have been for elixir, I have over 150k and nothing to spend it on.

  • amazonprimechic
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    edited October 2014
    Super disappointed that these aren't elixir items.

    I'll buy a few with cash. No way I'm spending my Halloween donuts on these.
  • suetopia
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    edited October 2014
    I went for all 8 - I put a lot of effort into the event and wanted them as a sort of souvenir. I put them on my Barbarian Castle grounds and they look like prisoners. Bwaaahaahaahaa.

    It will be great if the castle and decorations can be moved to Krusty Land (as the nerds seem to suggest, mentioned above)- I know a lot of people want to be able to do that due to space issues (and there is a great amount of room in Krusty Land to house the castles). For now, mine are going to stay where they are. I'll probably move them when I need the space and have no more land available to purchase.

    I definitely agree that the premium price was way too high for the nerds (just like the Shadow Knight). I sort of feel like EA should have offered them for much less because they are pretty much just decorations. I'm hoping this kind of pricing does not reflect what they will be charging in the future. They will only end up discouraging people who would usually spend money on the game (and this will cut in to their bottom line - maybe not immediately, but gradually), thus effecting the future of the game (content, quality, longevity).

    Yes, there will always be people who will fork out the cash, but charging like this will lessen the amount of these people. Also, people who make small purchases here and there are extremely important for income for the developers. I hope they keep that in mind for the future. I've seen other games with premium content charge too much and they have gone under. I have also seen games that have listened to the people playing the game and adjusted the prices to make premium items more affordable and they began to thrive again and are still going strong.

    EDIT: agreed that these should have been available for elixir. Makes more sense.
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  • direwolf987
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    edited October 2014
    Brevis45 wrote:
    Why 2 separate sets of the same nerds but in different colors?

    Surely 1 set of the 4 is sufficient.

    I think it is that the ones you pay doughnuts for give %. I have seen that posted else where in the threads. :-)

    They do, and they're not a bad %. Not the best, but not bad.

    Blue Knight Nerd - 35 doughnuts (d) = 1.75%
    Blue Warrior Nerd - 45 (d) = 2.25%
    Blue Rogue Nerd - 40 (d) = 2.00%
    Red Knight Nerd - 45 (d) = 2.25%
    Red Warrior Nerd - 40 (d) = 2.00%
    Red Rogue Nerd - 35 (d) = 1.75%

    240 doughnuts = 12%
  • tolsonc
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    edited October 2014
    They are kind of pricey, but I did, somewhat reluctantly, fork over the donuts/cash for 1 of each, since I decided to be somewhat of a completionist, starting a couple of months ago and moving forward. I accidentally bought 2 of the same one, which annoys me. I have a few on my castle grounds, 1 in front of the freak show (on Squidport), 1 in front of the Crypto Barn, and 1 in one of my Springfield Pet Shop pens (which I find amusing).

    Agree that they should have made these available for elixir, or at least a bit cheaper. The multipliers are nice, though.

    I'm ready for Halloween, although after these, and the Shadow Knight, I might be purchasing more donuts sooner than I planned.
  • adruralo
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    edited October 2014
    habentlage wrote:
    They can be placed in Krustyland, so the castles and walls and stuff can also soon be placed in Krustyland?

    I have put two nerds near the gate as welcome-party, throwing stuff at the visitors makes them feel welcome :wink:
    FYI. Viewers
    They need to be purchased first in the main springfield, then put into your inventory as they can't be purchased in KL.
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  • keithzilla208
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    Fight, my Nerds! Fight for my entertainment!

    Saving my donuts for Halloween so this is it for me.

  • simbass7
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    NeoSEC28 wrote:


  • Nitsujdark
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    edited October 2014
    It costs 240 donuts to get 1 each of the donut nerds. Not this close to Halloween. They may add to your multiplier, but that's too much. I'll just be happy with the 2 free-ish ones and be done with it.

    It's nice that EA is offering stuff like this, but I will agree these should have been elixir purchases, there has been a miserable selection of things to buy with elixir.
  • LAgator77
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    edited October 2014
    I feel like this whole stupid event is just being dragged out, for the love of God just end it already. I stopped collecting nerds from my castles over a week ago, I sure as heck don't want any chained nerds. Bring on Halloween or just put my Springfield back to normal, I don't care just end this stupid event.
  • lee67628
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    edited October 2014
    I'm a premium player, but I don't waste my donuts to buy multiple identical premium items.

    So I bought one premium nerd each, and surrounded them with freemium nerds to form an army. 8)


    Also, don't forget that the nerds can be placed at Krustyland too! :)

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