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does tapping my own building affect my friends?

Why would you not collect your money in case your friends visit your town...

Firstly I think if you have already collected tax recently your friends who visit actually won't be able to get money from that specific building no...this is because numerous times I have gone into someone's town...and I have only been able to collect money from one or two buildings (always the Simpsons house because that refreshes every 45 seconds or so)

So I just collect what's available...leave, Go right back in and the buildings which I have already collected from are available again...so I justdo that until I have made all 3 actions..

But anyway...don't bother not playing the game 'incase' someone happens to visit your town RIGHT after you have collected something....they will at least be able to collect from the Simpson house...and every brown house after like 3 mins..

Also they prob have like 80 other friends town to visit....


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