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The grind is over!

I'm kind of the same as you, maxed out, all buildings bought, but I'm going to buy some land next, as most my buildings are crammed on a tiny piece of land


  • heavy liquid
    167 posts
    edited December 2012
    I'm in the same boat. I have everything ( well, just Santas Little Helper is left) and am now focusing on expansion.

    But does having a large amount of land affect the stability? I thought it was the number of objects rather than land.
  • sonny1618
    1543 posts New member
    edited December 2012
    I actually stopped doing the endless 60m tasks a short while ago, opting for 2, 4 or 6hr ones now. The money just rolls in and piles up so easy that I have no need any more to keep farming it like I used to.

    My Springfield has basically completed its 'phase 1' stage: Each plot of land was bought for a specific purpose to put a specific building on as they became unlocked and to complete a nice full rectangle. I did technically complete it a day before the Christmas update, but with all the new buildings I bought a new strip of land, populated it with the new stuff and now (bar the Krustylu Studios which is an imminent purchase) it's finished.

    At this point I'm just saving up money and will be buying the surrounding strips of land in big chunks so that once the snow melts with the next update I have room to accomodate whatever's in the new content and to facilitate a complete redesign of the whole town. That will come in time though. At the moment I'm enjoying the satisfaction of seeing my initial plans realised and saving up the dough.
  • linguo60
    271 posts Member
    edited December 2012
    I am sort of there as well. I need more land a maybe eventually some premium items, but i am largely doing 12 hour tasks now or sometimes just send them on tasks i enjoy looking at, even if they are not the most efficient use if time. I am certainly not grinding 1 hour tasks anymore. Still get enough money between updates to remain caught up.

    It's nice to just check in on my Springfield without worrying too much when some tasks are done
  • tlindfors
    604 posts
    edited December 2012
    The grind is over for me as well, I am just taking it easy and plotting out my redesign. I am contemplating building the Volcano Lair, that is the one thing I really want, but with all the donut purchasing issues going on I may wait. I did cave in and buy the pink Funzo, I had all those coins just sitting there and nothing else left to purchase with them.
  • MoopsDude
    328 posts Member
    edited December 2012
    In my experience having all the land in of itself has not caused me any problems. I had a large forest that caused instability, too many walls, fences, houses, or just about anything in large numbers compromised my stability.

    Yes, THAT MoopsDude

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  • Tony68k
    279 posts
    edited December 2012
    Stability, really not sure on this one. However, since buying another 8 plots recently, with no extra decorations, perhaps even a few less as I've put a bunch of fences and my old mini-house farm into storage, I'm experiencing stability issues for the first time. I guess there's a few additional buildings, and characters though. I wish I knew what the answer was as I'm now scared of expanding any more.
  • battyguy
    1123 posts Member
    edited December 2012
    Ive moved to 8 hr tasks. When you look at the difference in $ it really isn't enough to warrant doing 60minute tasks.

    Ive noticed 2 different styles of springfields... The "random road" where your road system is a mess with lots of curves and dead ends. (Like me) and the "grid" with squared sections.. (Sonny, spifshine i think u do use this version?)

    I think i need to clean mine up or at least fix my road system....its starting to look like Cairo!
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  • adruralo
    3288 posts Member
    edited December 2012
    Tony68k wrote:
    I believe I've reached a point in my town where I no longer have to ensure I get the best returns from my tasks. I've got all the buildings, almost all the land I need, just need a few more Santa coins and I'm done.

    The more land I purchase, the more unstable the game appears, so I'm not aiming to max out my land.

    I'm now at the point where I can relax and send my characters on tasks that entertain me, rather than shutting them away in the Kwik-E-Mart for hours on end . I'm going to concentrate on getting everything looking nice now, which itself will probably take weeks, and then when the snow melts I'll probably have more weeks of redesign work to do. Beyond that, I'm sure they'll drop more updates on us, so I'll have plenty to do without getting bored.

    Anthropomorphising things, I think my town's teenage years are just finishing - what a bumpy adolescent ride that was!

    Where are you on your journey?

    That's is my desire, to send them on task that I enjoy seeing, however I seem to be getting quite a few random quests of late. Have had Moleman, Hank, Krusty, Milhouse, Bart, Lisa, Mel, Quimby and Moe with one off quests with nothing following them.
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  • sonny1618
    1543 posts New member
    edited December 2012
    adruralo52 wrote:
    That's is my desire, to send them on task that I enjoy seeing, however I seem to be getting quite a few random quests of late. Have had Moleman, Hank, Krusty, Milhouse, Bart, Lisa, Mel, Quimby and Moe with one off quests with nothing following them.

    Yeah, a lot of old characters are being sent on random quests just to spice things up I think.

    I like doing the tasks that animate the buildings too, especially the Observatory, Aztec, Power Plant, Prison, etc.
  • spiffshine
    1978 posts Member
    edited December 2012
    Yeah, battyguy, I am quite fond of nice and tidy roads and I insist on having a rectangular Springfield - Sonny and I do have a bit in common like that :) It makes land expansions much more expensive when you have to buy an entire strip rather than a block or two. The expense is not much trouble for me these days, but with my last expansion, I now have too much land! I need to put a lot of work into the Southern area of my town. That's the fun part. :)
  • tlindfors
    604 posts
    edited December 2012
    I have a sort of grid/random road combo going on. I have a bunch of straggling plots of land on the edges of my town that I plan on straightening out, this has been driving me crazy. I would like to have my whole town on a grid in the very near future.
  • bahepton
    324 posts New member
    edited December 2012
    Almost there. Just have the Hospital to get then I'll have everything. I have all premium buildings bar Santas Village also.

    I'll probably be like "oh...well, what now" when it's done but then I again there will probably be more updates soon.
  • zuzupj
    1452 posts Member
    edited December 2012
    I think last night was the first night I sent anyone on a 60min task in a while and then I went to bed. :D

    I am not really in a hurry to buy up all of the land due to stability issues, and I don't feel the need to farm my characters as much anymore. I guess I am in a transitional period.
  • Simpsons00001
    729 posts Member
    edited December 2012
    Prior to the update, i was pretty much doing only 8 and 12 hour tasks....i'm close to acquiring all the land, so that's my next goal, despite stability issues. I'll have the $1 million in 4-6 days, so I'll be finished with the land then...I was going to wait until the snow left to finish my ideal re-design, but I started it over the weekend...In a few days I'll be pulling the majority of my farms, and finishing up the remaining 30-40 percent of my town! Hopefully then I'll just be able to tweak things as new items are added (but I'm sure I'll hate my town eventually and redesign it again!).
  • El Jorge44
    189 posts
    edited December 2012
    I've also moved on from the one-hour tasks. switched over to 4-hours since I like checking in a few times a day. I'm on level 24 with no house farms and grinding my way through Krappables tasks to unlock the news building. my town is set up somewhat grid-like. with streets bordering almost every side with the north side being the exception. lots of trees and brush up there along with the cemeteries and Cletus's farm. it's also a perfect rectangle so my next step is to buy the strip of land to the south. make room for the last few buildings.
  • josh4908
    801 posts
    edited December 2012
    I stopped the one hr tasks a long time ago. I usually do 4 8 or 12 hour. As for the look of my town, I expand only as needed and keep a grid. I want it to look like an actual town and not pure randomness
  • jbondra
    204 posts
    edited December 2012
    Yeah, I'm mostly into 4 hour tasks as well. Yesterday I just spent almost a million on new land because I really want to spread out some buildings and rearrange stuff. But I'm having a hard time getting it the way I like it with all the snow on the way and all the trees with leaves missing. So I think my town will just look a little bit messy until the update comes to green everything back. On a side note, cleaning up the land I just bought, I found 3 donuts, which brings my cleanup total to 6. Maybe they spread out more donuts in an update? Or I'm just really lucky
  • XBL-Heretic
    1228 posts Member
    edited December 2012
    I too prefer the look of the square grid. I have all available buildings and am only waiting to get SLH. Regarding my redesign, I kind of painted myself into a corner. As I was grinding through the later levels, I tended to purchase a square of land, place a building on that square surrounded by road, leaving little space around many of my buildings for any serious decoration.

    I started a redesign several days before the latest update. Got through four areas of my town before the snow hit. I'm finding it hard to visualize how I want to redesign with all the snow, so I'm probably going to wait until the snow melts to proceed with my overhaul.

    I'm concentrating on purchasing land now. As others have mentioned, the cash pretty much rolls in now (especially now that the premium bonus is working), so I'm sending my critters on more 6 or 8 hour tasks. I've seen some highly creative towns. Those that impress me the most tend to contain elements benefiting from design constraints of the game. Creative use of water, some 3D elements, and building things such as football fields and ice rinks. I have a plot of land I'm using now to experiment with these design elements and hope to incorporated some of them into my overhaul after the snow melts.
  • bagndrag420
    361 posts
    edited December 2012
    Finally have all the buildings and extras including the funzos and slh. The only thing I'm doing now is trying to buy all the land so I can redesign my entire city
  • shockman85
    265 posts
    edited December 2012
    It's a nice feeling not having to worry about money (finally!).

    Not that I'm rolling in it or anything, but I bought the post office yesterday, and am already back over $100k. I'm thinking about getting rid of a few houses, just to declutter some.

    My advice to new players is to get to 100 friends ASAP by starting new "add me" threads. :lol::)
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