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Quick Event Questions

CPTSean541 wrote:

1 - I am assuming it is safe for me to clean all of my money as my friends will only be tapping aliens in this even right?

2 - How does crafting work? I click my building and I have a couple of bags shaking. Do I just click them or wait a while until I have more bags shaking?

3 - Is anyone else noticing that the **** event caused a lot of people to quit. I know it's still early in this event, but I must have lost a good 1/3 of my friends.

Also, last night I was cleaning out all the crap I didn't want from the **** event. While it says the ballon, Homer statue and the banners only increase vanity, they seem to still have the same bonus tied to them. I put them in storage and my money bonus dropped from 40% to 35%.

1. I am assuming the same thing.

2. If you click on the bags, you will get an assortment of items from them which will go into your inventory. Once you have obtained the correct number of the three different items required to 'craft' a prize, you can get the prize. I don't see any reason to not just click on the bags as soon as you get them, although I suppose you could save them up and 'open' them later.

3. I haven't noticed that I lost friends completely at a greater rate than normal during ****. What I did notice is that a lot of my friends kept playing the game but stopped playing the **** aspects of it - by the end, attacks on my town were extremely rare.


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