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Ray Gun & Kodos vs Drive In & Space Mutant

Hello folks!
I've decided that I am going to buy an alien - but I need help deciding which alien is the best. Which one do you guys prefer?

I'd go with Kodos as how can you have THOH without her and Kang plus the Ray gun gives you ammo every 8hrs

The drive in is like channel 6 and kbbl it gives you cash and Xp


  • Snakeyees
    2319 posts Member
    edited October 2014
    But the drive in actually plays Movies. But the gun does give you ammo I say get both after all its only money
  • obake-odori
    650 posts Member
    edited October 2014
    For the event, the Ray gun and Kodos will be more profitable. But the drive in is very, very cool.
  • shawn59736
    540 posts Member
    edited October 2014
    I already have Kang and Kudos, (how much are they? and do you get the ray gun and shot down spaceship?)I did buy the drive in- it's AWESOME by the way. I believe they are all a must! Just purchased the "portal"
  • barryriddl474
    4816 posts Member
    edited October 2014
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