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mamaog02 wrote:
Okay I don't know if it's just me, but I only have 2 quest trick or treat and board with a nail in it. Is there more quest that I just can't trigger Or do we need to wait till a certain date for them to be available? I am so confused with this game,when alien ship fly around your own town, is the only way too shoot it down is with the Ray gun? Also how can I earn more middle to tap my neighbors ships. Thanks for any feedback or suggestions

It sounds like you are to the point where no more quest until the 12 days are up.

You would have to pay donuts to get the Ray gun. Look at the Addicts site for a discussion of pros/cons of that.

You can earn missiles through the treat bags. You can pay donuts to get them also I think.


  • madfish86
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    After trick or treating task, next task doesn't start til Oct 20.

    Make sure after your characters are done trick or treating, you use the task bar instead of tapping the Thumbs up directly. Same for the board and nail. Otherwise, you won't get credit for the task.
  • SamCarterX206
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    You should have a good browse around these boards, both Game Discussion (this one) and FAQs and Guides.
    All your question have been answered.

    Some basic answers though:

    1. The trick or treat quest is an endless looping one. The event questline will move on on Oct. 20th.

    2.Alien ships: basic ones require ammo/missiles to shoot down. (one of those icons in your probe count bar). You can get ammo in treat bags and I believe random alien squish drops. The big Ray Gun also generates one ammo every 8 hour if you buy that. Be aware that if you don't have Kodos as a character yet, he will also be flying around your town, and you can shoot him down by buying the Ray Gun (150 donuts) and unlock him).

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