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Can't Progress any further- Treehouse of Horror 2014

I believe that you will need to contact EA on this one. While normally you can purchase ammo, I doubt that option is available to you until after you shoot down your first UFO, which you obviously cannot do now.


  • Molehouse72
    13 posts
    edited October 2014
    Thanks man. How do i contact EA? I'm new to these forums, I only made an account because I didn't know what else to do.
  • dhfjhvgjhvhjfg
    1067 posts
    edited October 2014
    I'm stuck on a loop with the trick or treat quest
  • jheller727
    1 posts
    edited October 2014
    I've done the trick or treat quest three to four times already, and each time I finish it the quest resets. Any idea when this will get fixed?
  • jdoggrules20
    2 posts
    edited October 2014
    I too have been Issues w/ the trick-or-treat mission. Every time I complete one goal the other one reset back to zero and vice versa.
  • Starman_thc
    389 posts Member
    edited October 2014
    First, regarding contacting EA, at the top of this forum is a sticky called "solutions to common problems." The first post in that thread has a link to how to contact EA.

    Second, to all those complaining about the trick or treat quest not completing, I have some advice. When you have any kind of issue with a game, it is wise to read the forums a little before making a post about your issue. There are no less than a dozen places where this question has been asked and answered here in the last couple days.

    That answer is simply that this quest will continue to loop around. Once you complete it, it starts again until it completes, then starts again. This appears to be how EA has designed this event so it might be easier to find some of your trick or treaters.
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