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What am i doing wrong?

Hi everyone,

I play atleast three times a day, yet i am about 600 probes behind on the daily chart and i am not catching up.

I see alot of people who are wayy ahead, how? What am i doing wrong?

The only thing i notice is that i hardly ever get gremaliens dropped in my town, only a couple since tge start, is that it? I visit friends, drop eggs, have 2 extra premium kids and i shoot 2 UFO's a day with my raygun ammo drops.

Some advice would be great,


The gremaliens only give you 2 probes so it's not like they are giving out a huge chunk.

I have 2600ish probes, here's how:
Friend visits every day religiously
Log into my town about every two hours
Lay eggs in friends towns (I have a couple of massive house farmer friends and I like to think my gremaliens don't get spotted :wink: )
Kids trick or treating constantly
I also bought the ray gun with Kodos so I get ammo every 8 hours to shoot spaceships to earn some more.

The majority are coming from the mini ragilliens you squish in your town so maybe log in more?


  • roshigoth1
    1601 posts Member
    edited October 2014
    Logging in every 4 hours or so seems to be working well for me as far as rigellians in my town. I also have a portal, but 6 extra aliens every 8 hours is pretty negligible.

    The trick-or-treaters and the ray gun give me the occasional ammo, which often gets me a nice boost - good prizes from the UFOs.

    I'm told there's a bug with not actually getting the probes from grem-aliens you send, so I'm waiting till they fix that. Then I'll flood my neighbors. :twisted:
  • MrClutch-1111
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    edited October 2014
    I have 4400 probes and have been doing what everyone else has been doing. I did buy the portal and the ray gun, so that helps. Most of the UFOs I shoot down give me extra probes. I sent a few gremaliens to your town a few minutes ago.
  • LostCauze-NL
    315 posts Member
    edited October 2014
    Alright then, i'll try to get upto 4/5 visits a day and see how i get on. Thanks for taking away my "am i missing something" paranoia.

    And thanks alot Clutch, good to have you as a neighbour, i'll return the favor.
  • shasurveyi256
    354 posts
    edited October 2014
    I have about 3,400 probes. But I bought the hunting license which gives me double for my actions.
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