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So, if I am reading the forum threads correctly, after getting 90 or so probes a day, I ONLY am getting cash now? 🎃🎃🎃🎃???? Why visit all the friends towns if it is for nothing? I have over $28 million in game cash, am so maxed out on purchased items (I have been playing since the game came out), that I have to store items to add anything, which is a PITA. I have spent money, real cash on buying donuts, and what for? I have to pick and choose what to keep or store? Now, I am supposed to pick and chose who I am going to visit?
Please remove the limits, and add land, even if overly priced, for those of us who have been playing since the game came out.
Thank you in advance for listening.

Oh, you can add me or my android version I delete intermittantly those not playing. clooless2000 or h a w a i i a n r n (I use the spaces, as the double i and w are confusing at times when typing). :mrgreen: :shock: :D
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