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GremAliens count when squishing in friend visits & fix in your own town for untappable GremAlien

Watch out for GremAliens in friend's towns, i believe if you squish an invader and a GremAlien is nearby it will count as a friend action (and not the kind that gives a probe)

Go to a friend town to visit, find a GremAlien and follow it around until it goes near an invader. Squish the invader and you will see TWO friend actions pop even though only one invader was nearby. From what i can tell no probes come from the GremAlien, and i am pretty sure there was only one invader around it...(but this counts as one of your 90 friend actions so you wont get all your max probes)

BTW-if you have a GremAlien in your own town that seems can not be squished (i get these a lot for some reason) just hard close the App, restart it and you can squish the GremAliens fine.
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