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looking for grem alien trading

Hey whoever reads this,
i thought it would be nice to have somebody to trade grem aliens with and this is what it should be like:
Since i play really active during halloween event i expect the same of you. which means like 3 daily visits or so.
The plan is simple: i will send every grem alien ill get to your town and you will do the same with yours in my town.
Of course we will squish em as fast as possible so our towns will be able to receive more and we will be 50:50 with the benefits.
sorry for my bad english, im not native
First one who replies in this thread will be my choice.

Edit: Of course i will need your name to add you or you reply in this thread and add me first (crackerpeet) im lvl 45 and daily active as i mentioned. You will receive 10 grem alien as soon as we are springfield neighbours
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