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Probes glitch after getting the Donut Torture Machine

They always do that. In some events earning the milestones gets you donuts. You always have to keep an eye on it if you want to minimize the losses.


  • aentote
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    edited October 2014
    so is this a glitch? this also happend to me, will they fix this in the next update?
  • LPNintendoITA
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    edited October 2014
    no its how it worked since... forever with this kind of tasks
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  • ShadyLady876
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    edited October 2014
    Thanks for the post!

    Today I will still neighbour visit but Sunday I will skip so Monday am when the currency rolls over I will be good to go, have a load of grem eggs to drop then too so I can get a good head start. Saving some for the final leg though I really want UBO.
  • Mirality
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    edited October 2014
    Theoretically UBO is going to be easier than the DTD -- sure the count is higher but the tips sites are saying that we get double items per squish, so it should work out about the equivalent of 7000 probes in theory. We'll have to wait and see of course.
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