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Moes clothes quest stuck on part 2

I have collected Moes clothes for Thursday and Friday but the quest icon clockwork in progress part 2 is still in my sidebar showing 0/1 and nothing is triggering collect Saturday presumably part 3! I've squished loads of rigellians, have Homer free and also been to Krustyland as well as checked Homers house! Any suggestions??

I see you went to Krustyland. After 24 hours had lapsed from finding the cod piece, I went to Krustyland and when I got back to Springfield, squashed a few aliens, and that triggered the third piece, a sword and cane I beleive, on both my accounts. Maybe you didn't wait long enough, or didn't squash aliens immediately after returning to Springfield? I know sometimes you have to follow the procedures precisely in order for some quests, perhaps this is one? :roll: :shock:


  • suemoorhead
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    edited October 2014
    Have managed to get the sword now! As you say maybe I hadn't waited 24 hours from collecting the last item! The part 2 task is still stuck in my side bar though so I got no dialogue for part 3 it just appeared in the simpsons house!! Thanks for your suggestions!
  • bren1960
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    edited October 2014
    Did you tap on the Simpson house?
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