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Who out there takes pride in their town?



  • doctoru2
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    edited January 2013
    Hi Everybody! This is my first post on this forum. I "discovered" the game early enough in October to enjoy some of the Halloween updates. Fast forward a few months and, like many others, I am hooked.

    As I've only been playing a few months, I still don't have all the buildings or land. But I have bought my share of premium items and have been diligently working trying to create a nice Springfield. Like others, as I acquire more land, items move. I've always felt the desire to make the town look nice. Almost from the start, money was tight as I preferred putting in fences and shrubs/trees as opposed to just buying the next item.

    Since I have premium items, I guess that makes me a great "neighbor-eeno". I have neighbor slots open. I already am "friends" with the house farm sites, which were great for coin collection (missed them during the Halloween treats). So I am hoping to find other nicer Springfields with a few premium items.
  • jrush2point0
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    edited January 2013
    I'm bumping this to just say yes, I take pride in my town, and try to take design cues from what I see in my own hometown. Drive-throughs have dedicated lanes. There is enough parking, almost every home has a trash can (either in its sprite or as a decoration), the houses aren't too crowded, etc.

    I try spend my spare cash after building something on stop signs and streetlights, and some fences. I'm worried about hitting a point where I start to crash, so I'm doing this slowly, and besides, not all the houses where I live have fences.
  • cjcccooper
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    So many towns i would love to visit gotta stay loyal to my 100 hommies.....
  • a308936
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    edited January 2013
    Oh I do for sure. I'm waiting til I'm complete with my design before I unleash and advertise it to the boards with a 'Tourist's Guide to My Springfield'. Overly obsessive? Yes. Is it gonna stop me? Nope. Hahha.
  • Die_MB
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    edited January 2013
    This is what I am looking for. I spend time on my designs. Also would like to see others. Plz add me Canduedie
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