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The Conspiracy Game: The Springfield Massacre: Congratulations Springfielders!



Homer quickly parked his car and ran into Moe's. Homer quickly hopped onto a bar stool. "Moe you gotta help me there's an anthropomorphic black cat and mouse trying to kill me....Oh and there's two suicidal clones of myself after me!" screamed Homer. "Well if the clones are suicidal they'll kill themselves". said Moe calmly. "Not suicidal...what's the one where they kill other people? asked Homer. "Homicidal" replied moe. Moe quickly poured Homer a glass of duff. "You just sit here and drink some beer and don't worry about the killers." replied Moe while using air quotes on the words "killers". "Hey you're using air quotes. You don't believe me. I'm going to talk to someone who will believe my crazy story. My family!" Homer replied angrily as he stormed out.

Homer quickly drove home and told his family the whole story. They didn't need much convincing though since Itchy and Scratchy had killed Hans Moleman on the Simpson front lawn. They used his blood to spell out the words; Give us the fat dope and no one else gets hurt. And it was signed Itchy and Scratchy. Marge quickly told the story to Mayor Quimby. The mayor organized a town hall meeting at City Hall and all the townsfolk were in attendance. "This meeting to decide what to do about the villains and local **** Homer Simpson will now come to order". declared Mayor Quimby while slamming his gavel.

Forced vote:
Nobody :)


Day 1 ends Sunday 2pm GMT, 10am EDT

I will be busy through Sunday but I will get on when I can everyday. I will post all morning and evening messages. When I'm not around urlaub is in charge. :)


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