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Moe Stuck on 6 second task

moe has to do that 12 times on his quest.


  • Smilee306
    278 posts Member
    edited October 2014
    I was going to make a suggestive comment about being stuck on the ol' in and out, but instead I'll just say no, sorry! Have you tried storing moe's?
  • neuroheart
    8132 posts Member
    edited October 2014
    If you mean you're being asked to do it repeatedly, that's a normal part of the questline.

    If you mean actually stuck, then store the Kwik e mart he's in and it will free him.
  • fuffazzoni
    627 posts
    edited October 2014
    Stuck as in? He doesn't finish it? After he does it the questbook doesn't change? If it's the latter keep in mind the questline requires moe to do that quest 12 times. If he really is stuck, store the kwikmart and/or moe's tavern.

    Have I been ninja'd by 3 people at the same time
  • tathom
    124 posts Member
    edited October 2014
    oh i must have missed the game play message. i was like ****... so many times
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