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Need ideas for decorating Luigis, Guilded Truffle, and Mapple Store :)

Here's some ideas for the Mapple store:


I haven't done anything spectacular - I just have two different blocks - one a restaurant district and one a business (kinda like a strip-mall block.

I also have an entertainment district (bowl-a-rama, aztec theater, etc.)


  • Doh_Inc
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    Thanks for the thread! I did a forum search but couldn't find anything. :)

    Right now I have Luigis and the Truffle side by side and I have two small strip malls. One has King Toot's, Java Cafe, Jake's Unisex Hair Place, Skips', and the Dungeon. The other has Kwik-E-Mart, Gulp'N'Blow, and Try-N-Save.

    I'm probably eventually going to put everything into a giant shopping center, just no funds or land at the moment. Plus, I'll have to move my Halloweentown, and that's going to be a pain.
  • GldnMan
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    Just post the link in your browser and you should be able to get to that thread. In addition, one cool thing I started doing was using hedges to "name" different parts of my town. I have an Area 51 for Kang's stuff, I have "jail" spelled out in front of the penitentiary, etc.

    In my city, we have a Power & Light entertainment district downtown -- so in my Springfield entertainment district, I have P & L spelled out with the theater, bowl-a-rama, etc.
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