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is it worth the doughnuts?

Personally, I would say no. I've been able to complete everything up til this point without it. Won't speak for anyone else, though.


  • Deadshot_DCU
    6437 posts Moderator
    edited October 2014
    To me it's not worth it. I have been able to get everything just fine. I didn't get the Whacking Day one either.

    Plus the prices on these licenses are pretty steep.
  • teo47
    944 posts Member
    edited October 2014
    I'd say no. That's a lot of donuts for 90 extra ray guns a day that could be used instead to buy an item that you will be able to have in your town after the event ends.
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  • checkeredman
    79 posts
    edited October 2014
    I've been able to get through both the probe and ray gun collecting 2-3 days ahead of the deadline w/o a portal(s) or the hunting license. So from my point of view I would say no.
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