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All I want AFTER Chistmas

I would like for my houses to keep the lights, but it wouldn't make sense during other seasons. However what I mean is, keep them so I don't have to waste coins next Christmas on my houses, and I can just save up for the new premium buildings. Considering the premium items/buildings are what REALLY cost coins, it would make sense to give people who were present for this Christmas to get a head start on people who are brand new by the next Christmas event.


  • tmacs2008
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    edited December 2012
    True enough. I know I can never go back and get a race car. All I can do is envy the ones who do. Its the proper order of things. Course greedy EA doesnt realize Id pay donuts for a race car.
  • indydude33
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    edited December 2012
    My guess is that we will be able to keep the Christmas lights since they were set up as a second "skin" for the houses. They did the same thing for the church/Heck House for Halloween and we can still switch it over to Heck House if we choose.

    I think we'll probably be a little less fortunate with Ned's snowmobile. After Halloween, all of the seasonal quests for "normal" characters disappeared (kids trick or treating, sleeping in the Bad Dream House).

    BUT, all of the outfitted characters from Halloween (Devil Ned Flanders, Witch Marge) did stick around so if you have purchased Santa's Village and the Santa Homer character, you'll probably be able to have him fly around your Springfield all year round. (Personally, I'll probably send him on a "Christmas in July" flight on July 25.

    Just my 2 cents based on what EA has done before. Of course, always a good chance they will throw past experience out the window and do something completely random. :lol:
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