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I can't find the training wall

... in the build menu, that is.

I absolutely HATE the new build menu ... it's so effing hard to find anything. The stupid sub-categories make little sense.

But my main problem right now is that I simply can NOT find the 'training wall' anywhere in the build menu, and I've got low righteousness that I want to boost. It's not under walls in decorations, or anywhere in the buildings or characters menus. Where is it?

Can someone post a screenshot of where it is in the build menu?

Go into inventory. go to the square with the bench and tree in the picture. ( very bottom left ) Click on there and it is in there. :thumbup:


  • defectdefect
    304 posts Member
    edited October 2014
    It should be in the decorations tab:


    EDIT: Hmmm, I just noticed you said in the 'build' menu. It should still be under the same tab regardless.
    But we already did it. It took seven hours, but we did it. It's done.
  • drosax1
    4860 posts New member
    edited October 2014
    Right next to the little lady justice statue in decorations like mentioned
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