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Motionless rigellians

Ever since the update that brought in the pirate ship (I think it was), I've noticed that the Rigellians in my town spend a lot more time stuck in one spot and don't move around much. It's especially noticable with the ones that come out of the portal -- they just line up on top of each other right on the threshold.

It actually makes it quite hard to find all the aliens in my town, as they like to hide behind buildings. They used to follow you around quite quickly, so you could lead them to somewhere easily squishable.

Is this a universal problem or is something glitched in my town? I haven't seen any threads on it yet.

Edit: actually, it looks like all the NPCs and even the PCs not on a task are spending a lot more time motionless as well. I wonder if it's an attempt to improve performance on older devices? If so, I hope they reverse it for the rigellians at least, or only do it if the game is actually struggling.
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