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Two Quick Questions

1. the random tasks will never end they will stop for a bit when new content arrives but anytime you have less than 3 quests in your taskbook you will get a random task.

2. i'm not sure what you mean by the laser thing but there is the ray gun which will get you Kodos and the ghost zapper which has a 2.25 multiplier but they won't imporve your chances for the 30 donuts it's just luck


  • maximbarne126
    3911 posts Member
    edited November 2014
    1. NEVER! :mrgreen:

    2. None at all! Just keep hoping for rockets. :-)
  • maxeerg
    1010 posts Member
    edited November 2014
    One of the advantages of skins. The random tasks only show up for the default characters. I've had a random task for Homer hanging for months. Keeping him on an alternate skin makes it very easy to ignore.
  • MaxxSpider
    5465 posts Member
    edited November 2014
    i never get random tasks anymore.

    i have a stuck one for Lisa to shop at the kwik-e-mart
    it is currently at -426/1 so it will be there for a long time and i don't mind because it keeps others from popping up
  • furrykiltman
    661 posts Member
    edited November 2014
    I stopped doing the random tasks. Luigi will be forever in my task book with a 60 minute task.
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