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Friend confirming/requesting problems

I sometimes have this issue accepting friends ... If I get the message though I just deny them and move on ...


  • MamabearPam
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    edited December 2012
    udanax19 wrote:
    i seem to be having an issue with confirming or adding friends. i go to type in a name and i get an error message, so i can't add anyone. i've had a few instances when i've gone to confirm a friend and gotten an error message. i simply deny the request then send one to that person, but that has resulted in ping pong games of add/confirm. has anyone else had this issue? i hope it's fixed soon. should i log out of Origin and log back in? after last week's outage i'm scared to do that.

    if anyone knows of a fix that would be great. and if you'd like to add me, that would be great too. i'm udanax19. if i don't confirm you, my issue persists. :)

    Same thing here exactly, & I see several posts about it so we're not alone. Do you get that error popping up in other sections, like the updates as well?
  • jayredical
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    edited December 2012
    I assumed the accepting friends error meant that the person now has 100 friends therefor can't be accepted.
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