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Level 47 Walkthrough (thanks to Mike S @ TSTOTopix)

The Cost of Living Pt. 1

After tapping Mayor Quimby

Quimby: ‘I’ve got money. I’ve got influence. I’ve got much younger women. I am the er-uh epitome of success!’
Quimby: ‘And yet no one respects me. It’s as if wearing a sash doesn’t carry the cachet it once did.’
Quimby: ‘It’s time to remind the people why I got into politics – the enormous displays of wealth!’

Objective: Build the Quimby Compound


Upon Completion:

Quimby: ‘The Quimby Compound was worth every embezzled penny.’
Quimby: ‘And I, uh, taught those orphans an important lesson about living without doors.’
Quimby: ‘I, on the other hand, have hundreds of doors for my five floors, four wings, three kitchens, two spas, and a partridge in a pear tree. Bronzed, of course.’
Freddy: ‘Hiya, Uncle. I, uh, got kicked out of limbo’s country club so I’m back!’
Freddy: ‘The movers have already moved the maid into my room.’
Quimby: ‘Then you tell them to move her back!’
Quimby: ‘She’s a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen for me.’


Freddy gets the next prompt

The Cost of Living Pt. 2

After tapping Freddy:

Freddy: ‘Now that I’ve finished selecting my butler, it’s time to party like it’s going on Viewtube! Where’s my box of cats?’
Quimby: ‘Freddy, as the Mayor of Springfield, I’m expected to uphold a certain level of decorum.’
Quimby: ‘That’s why I do all my dirty dealings in back alleys and sleazy motels.’
Freddy: ‘Don’t worry, Uncle. I’ve learned the Quimby code of discretion from my father, Clovis.’
Freddy: ‘He’s the master! So discrete we haven’t even seen him since he boarded that small plane years ago.’
Quimby: ‘Well, I’m pretty sure this year isn’t an election year, so we deserve to treat ourselves.’
Quimby: ‘Speaking of which, I, uh, have an important meeting with Miss Springfield.’

Objective(s): The objective for this quest is conditional upon whether you have Miss Springfield or not.

Without Miss Springfield
Make Freddy Drink Irresponsibly
8 hours OR 4 donuts

With Miss Springfield
Make Freddy Drink Irresponsibly
8 hours OR 4 donuts
Make Miss Springfield Enjoy an Evening with the Mayor
3 minutes OR 2 donuts


Freddy also gets the next prompt.

The Cost of Living Pt. 3

After tapping Freddy:

Freddy: ‘Butler, for breakfast, I’ll have the hair of the dog that bit me… so I can make it into a coat.’
Freddy: ‘Plus some booze.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘Your breakfast is on Springfield’s dime today. Welcome to the drunk tank, Mister Quimby!’
Freddy: ‘Joke’s on you – my breakfast is on Springfield’s dime everyday.’
Freddy: ‘And since I don’t remember anything I did last night and truly horrible acts are said to haunt you forever, I must be innocent.’
Freddy: ‘I’d like my car and my complimentary gift bag.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘You’ll get your complimentary gift bag on your day in court!’
Chief Wiggum: ‘*sigh* That sounded a lot more menacing in my:.’

Objective(s): Make Freddy Await His Day in Court
12 hours OR 6 donuts
Requires the Police Station


Chief Wiggum needs to be free to continue.

The Cost of Living Pt. 4

After tapping Chief Wiggum

Chief Wiggum: ‘Alright Freddy, time to get you to the courthouse for your arraignment.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘Plus a little extra time at Lard Lad’s. The Wig’s got a craving for D-nuts.’
Lou: ‘I keep telling you, Chief — neither of those nicknames is going to catch on.’
Freddy: ‘You’re making a mistake, Wiggum. Don’t you understand that I’m rich?’
Chief Wiggum: ‘Son, I’ve been making mistakes since the day I was born.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘I came out feet first.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘And sure, the justice system is just a dog and pony show if you’re rich.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘Or cleaning up after a dog and pony show if you’re poor.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘But we’ve got to go anyway.’

Objective(s): Make Freddy Quimby Make a Court Appearance
12 hours OR 6 donuts
Requires Springfield Courthouse

When Freddy reaches the Courthouse:

Judge Snyder: ‘Frederick Quimby, you have been charged with a cornucopia of crimes, including defiling a cornucopia.’
Judge Snyder: ‘Which, according to the Pilgrims who wrote our town charter, is punishable by death. How do you plead?’
Blue-Haired Lawyer: ‘Your Honor, you could hear how he pleads, or you could wrap this up and enjoy a complimentary lobster lunch buffet.’
Blue-Haired Lawyer: ‘As a man of the law, you must agree that letting all this lobster go to waste is itself a crime.’
Judge Snyder: ‘…‘
Blue-Haired Lawyer: ‘Fine, my client pleads not guilty.’


Judge Snyder receives the next prompt, keep him free as well as Smithers.

Testify Pt. 1

After tapping Judge Snyder:

Judge Snyder: ‘Let’s start with the witnesses.’
Blue-Haired Lawyer: ‘There are witnesses?’
Blue-Haired Lawyer: ‘What is the point of having money if it can’t silence people?’
Judge Snyder: ‘Waylon Smithers, please take the stand and deliver your testimony.’

Objective(s): Make Smithers Testify
4 hours OR 2 donuts
Requires Springfield Courthouse

When Smithers reaches the Courthouse:

Judge Snyder: ‘Mister Smithers, ignoring protocol, we have sworn you in on the Malibu Stacy Bible you brought from home.’
Judge Snyder: ‘Now please tell us what you saw that night.’
Smithers: ‘It was in between Mr. Burns’ bedtime and his 4:00 AM “FDR got elected to a fifth term”? nightmare.’
Smithers: ‘I stopped into Moe’s for a flirtini, when Mister Quimby here showed up with a woman of loose morals.
Princess Kashmir: ‘The only thing loose about me is my willingness to take off my clothes for money.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Everything else is off limits.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Unless you pay me.’
Smithers: ‘Mister Quimby forced me to be his “wingman”? and dragged me all over town.’
Freddy: ‘You should be on trial for being the worst wingman ever!’
Freddy: ‘You said there’d be hotties at that Steelworkers Sausage Fest.’
Freddy: ‘There weren’t even sausages… just lots of men!!’


Keep Judge Snyder and Selma free for the next prompt.

Testify Pt. 2

After tapping Judge Snyder

Judge Snyder: ‘Selma Bouvier, please take the stand and deliver your testimony.’

Objective(s): Make Selma Testify
4 hours OR 2 donuts
Requires Springfield Courthouse

Once Selma reaches the Courthouse:

Judge Snyder: ‘Ms. Bouvier, please tell the court what you saw that night.’
Selma: ‘Only if you tell the court if you’re single or not…!’
Judge Snyder: ‘Not a chance.’
Selma: ‘Fine.’
Selma: ‘Freddy and I crashed into each other outside of the Steelworkers Sausage Fest.’
Selma: ‘Literally crashed – with our cars.’
Selma: ‘Luckily I shaved my legs just a few months ago, so I was able to charm my way into a ride back to town with him.’
Selma: ‘Sure, he was drunk and concussed, but he hadn’t left me for dead, so I thought the date was going well.’
Selma: ‘Right up until he drove off a bridge into the river, and left me for dead.’
Selma: ‘Thank god buoyancy is my greatest skill.’
Judge Snyder: ‘This is not looking good for you, Mister Quimby.’
Freddy: ‘No, your honor, in the light of day, SHE’S not looking good!…’
Freddy: ‘I mean no comment.’


Kirk Van Houten needs to be free for the next task. Judge Snyder gets the prompt.

Testify Pt. 3

After tapping Judge Snyder:

Judge Snyder: ‘Kirk Van Houten, please take the stand and deliver your testimony.’

Objective(s): Make Kirk Testify
4 hours OR 2 donuts
Requires Springfield Courthouse

Once Kirk reaches the Courthouse:

Judge Snyder: ‘Mr. Van Houten, please tell the court what you saw that night.’
Kirk: ‘When I heard a knock on the door, I thought those girl scouts had a change of heart and wanted to give me back my hat.’
Kirk: ‘But instead Freddy burst in soaking wet, and challenged me to a drinking contest.’
Kirk: ‘Since I had to sell part of my liver to pay Luann’s alimony during the divorce, I asked if I could have juice instead.’
Kirk: ‘But by then he was already hitting the whiskey, and on my wife.’
Luann: ‘When we got back together, we agreed anything before second base isn’t cheating.’
Kirk: ‘You need to learn the rules of baseball, Luann!’
Kirk: ‘Anyway, he said my crying was harshing the mood so he stumbled off, but not before he did unspeakable things to our mailbox.!’
Judge Snyder: ‘Tampering with the mail system is a federal crime!’
Judge Snyder: ‘Your list of offenses, like Superhero movies, just keeps getting longer.’
Judge Snyder: ‘Who says Judge Reinhold is the only funny judge?’

Upon completion of the task:

Freddy: ‘That’s it? Pshaw!’
Freddy: ‘As long as you don’t call that dancing girl to the stand, I’ll be home before my chow-dah gets cold.’
Blue-Haired Lawyer: ‘Your honor, all comments muttered under my client’s breath are to be considered hearsay.’

At this point you will receive a system message:

Check in with Princess Kashmir to get her contribution to Freddy’s story!!

You do NOT have to purchase Princess Kashmir. The main quest will continue as usual. If you do purchase Princess Kashmir, you will receive an additional quest in addition to the main quest and her premium quest.


Freddy Quimby kicks off the next part, keep him free.

The Cost of Living Pt. 5

After tapping Freddy:

Freddy: ‘They found me, ah, guilty on all charges. The court is going to throw the, ah, book at me!’
Quimby: ‘Trust the, ah, system, Freddy.’
Freddy: ‘But the justice system fails all the time! Why should I trust it?’
Quimby: ‘Not the justice system. The system of, ah, Ivy League graduates and family connections!’
Quimby: ‘To the Rolodex!’

Objective(s): Make Quimby Call In Favors
12 hours OR 6 donuts
Requires Quimby Compound


The Blue-haired Lawyer will start the next part. If you do not have him the dialog will trigger automatically. The Lawyer is not needed for the task.

The Cost of Living Pt. 6

After tapping the Blue-haired Lawyer:

Blue-Haired Lawyer: ‘Freddy, it’s time to hear the sentence.’
Blue-Haired Lawyer: ‘Now remember, good or bad, we still walk out of that courtroom with our:s held high and my retainer fully paid.’

Objective(s): Make Judge Snyder Deliver a Sentence
12 hours OR 6 donuts
Requires Springfield Courthouse

Once the task begins:

Freddy: ‘Your honor, before you read the sentence I’d like to say a few words.’
Judge Snyder: ‘It probably would have been smarter to have said those words before the trial was over, but I have no one to go home to, so alright.’
Freddy: ‘I did not inhale, have relations with that woman, or falsify reports regarding WMDs’
Freddy: ‘One of those should get me out of this mess, right?’
Quimby: ‘I have something to say, Your, uh, Honor!’
Quimby: ‘There’s a new municipal by-law, issued this morning, that you, ah, must be aware of.’
Quimby: ‘It states “charges against any public figure must be reduced if the defendant regrets that he, or the less likely she, is caught.’
Quimby: ‘The defendant may also publicly enter any twelve-step program, but does not have to complete it.’
Quimby: ‘And may apologize on national television, but doesn’t have to mean it.’


Freddy receives the next prompt. Keep him available.

The Cost of Living Pt. 7

After tapping Freddy:

Freddy: ‘I can’t believe this! They gave me indefinite house arrest!’
Quimby: ‘Thanks to my buddy Gerry Mandering at city hall, your “house” now covers all of Springfield.’
Quimby: ‘He’s a whiz at rezoning, he calls it Mandermania.’
Freddy: ‘But what if I want French Caviar? Or Chinese Silk? Or Turkish Delight?’
Quimby: ‘All of those women make house calls and you know it.’
Quimby: ‘And if you follow the rules, you might get time off for good behavior.’
Freddy: ‘Rules? You mean like take off my shoes while inside? Like an animal?’
Freddy: ‘You might as well lock me up. Like an animal!’

Objective(s): Make Freddie Quimby Enjoy a Privileged Life
24 hours OR 12 donuts
Requires Quimby Compound



Princess Pride Pt. 1

This will activate with the Princess receiving the prompt as soon as she is purchased and the Florence of Arabia built.

After tapping the Princess:

Princess Kashmir: ‘Women, grab your husbands! And husbands, grab your wallets! Princess Kashmir is back in Springfield!’
Sherri-Terri: ‘*Gasp* Are you a princess?’
Sherri-Terri: ‘No, stupid, she’s too old to be a princess. She’s probably a queen.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Am I old? I’ve been lying about my age for so long I don’t know what it is anymore.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘No one wants an aging adult entertainer. And I have started to notice the effects of gravity…’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Like when Mars was in retrograde motion recently.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Maybe it’s time I found a skill that uses the 8th sexiest body part - my mind!’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Actually 9th. I forgot about toes.’

1. Build Adult Education Annex
Cost: $60,500
2. Make Princess Kashmir Better Herself
60 minutes OR 2 donuts
$105 / 26XP


Princess Kashmir continues next…

Princess Pride Pt. 2

After tapping the Princess

Princess Kashmir: ‘Wow, I had no idea how many jobs there were that don’t involve taking off your clothes.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘There’s vet tech, tennis pro, nude art model.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Well, two out of three of those don’t involve taking off your clothes, anyway.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘What I want is a job where I can really interact with people, day in and day out!’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Maybe where they tip me in a jar instead of stuffed into my underpants.’

Objective(s): Make Princess Kashmir Work at Krusty Burger

Requires Krusty Burger
12 hours OR 6 donuts

Princess Kashmir continues next with Miss Springfield. Keep them free.

Note: You do not have to have Miss Springfield to continue. EA never forces a purchase. If you do not have Miss Springfield, you will still receive her interaction with the Princess however you will not receive a task for her. See below.

Princess Pride Pt. 3

After tapping the Princess:

Princess Kashmir: ‘Miss Springfield, it’s been forever!’
Miss Sprinfield: ‘I’m sorry have we met?’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Don’t you remember? We met at that ribbon cutting ceremony for the new ribbon factory.’
Miss Sprinfield: ‘Oh, right, the one next to the oversized novelty scissor emporium.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘That’s the one! So what have you been up to?’
Miss Sprinfield: ‘Mostly opening boat shows and working with the mayor on our charity that keeps struggling motels in business.’
Miss Sprinfield: ‘Oh, I also started teaching a class about how to be a professional celebrity. Like me!’
Princess Kashmir: ‘You know, I’m a bit of a celebrity myself. I have been on Springfield Squares several times.’
Miss Sprinfield: ‘Center?’
Princess Kashmir: ‘No. Middle right.’
Miss Sprinfield: ‘Better than being a corner.’
Miss Sprinfield: ‘Any interest in being my TA?’
Princess Kashmir: ‘I’m really trying to stay away from T and A.’
Miss Sprinfield: ‘Teacher’s assistant?’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Oh, THAT I do.’

Objective(s): Make Princess Kashmir Help Teach a Class on Class
Requires Adult Education Annex
1 hour OR 2 donuts
Make Miss Springfield Teach a Class on Class (this task will not appear if you do not own Miss Springfield)
Requires Adult Education Annex
1 hours OR 2 donuts

Upon task(s) completion:

Princess Kashmir: ‘Gosh, all those students staring up at me, drooling, smelling of booze. What fun! And somehow strangely familiar…’
Miss Sprinfield: ‘We teachers are the real heroes. Not like those crummy firefighters.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Tell me about it. They have zero pizzazz sliding down their pole.’


Kent Brockman needs to be free to initiate the next part. Have him free.

Princess Pride Pt. 4

After tapping Kent:

Kent Brockman: ‘And welcome back to BrockTalk, with your host, me, Kent Brockman.’
Kent Brockman: ‘The topic is The Economy: Pro or Con.’
Kent Brockman: ‘With us is a leading economic analyst, a retired Treasury Secretary, and former middle right square Princess Kashmir.’
Kent Brockman: ‘Princess Kashmir, since you won the three-way coin toss, the first question goes to you.’
Kent Brockman: ‘What do you think has caused our current economic woes?’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Not having enough jobs, not supporting the troops enough, and kids today.’
Kent Brockman: ‘There you have it, folks! Blatant platitudes, delivered with brazen confidence and a stunning smile.’
Kent Brockman: ‘Ms. Kashmir, have you ever considered a career in doing nothing while people love you for it?’

Objective(s): Make Princess Kashmir Be a Professional Celebrity
Requires Channel 6
8 hours OR 4 donuts

The Princess, again, gets the next prompt. No other characters need to be free.

Princess Pride Pt. 5

After tapping the Princess:

Princess Kashmir: ‘The life of a professional celebrity isn’t everything I’d hoped it would be.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘How many charity 5Ks can one woman be expected to decline?’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Plus the only sports persona that’s asked me to marry him has been the Capital City Goofball.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘I miss the simpler days when a woman could be objectified honestly.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘I want to go back to being a dancer!’

Objective(s): Make Princess Kashmir Practice Kicks
12 hours OR 6 donuts
This completes Princess Kashmir’s premium quest line. However, she is not done and takes part in the main quest of level 47.

To continue with Princess Kashmir you need to have completed the following quest parts:

Princess Pride Pt. 5
Testify Pt. 3
The quest title, Siren Song, starts below.

Siren Song Pt. 1

After Kirk Van Houten finishes testifying against Freddy Quimby, it’s time for Princess Kashmir to take part in the investigation against him. Chief Wiggum kicks it off:

After tapping Chief Wiggum:

Chief Wiggum: ‘Ms. Kashmir? I’m sorry to interrupt this fan dance mid-fan, but are you an acquaintance of Freddy Quimby?’
Princess Kashmir: ‘That handsome young man with a flashy ride?’
Chief Wiggum: ‘Freddy Quimby, ma’am, not me.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘No? Nothing? Alright, fine.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘Well if you wouldn’t mind, we’d like to ask you some questions down at the station.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘I’m sure this drunken horde of men won’t mind me stopping my exotic dance early for the sake of civil justice.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘Of course they won’t — drunk young men always respect the law.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘Lou, get the riot gear and for the love of god don’t let anyone get a hashtag going.’

Objective(s): Make Princess Kashmir Answer Questions Downtown
Requires Police Station
4 hours OR 2 donuts
Once task is completed:

Princess Kashmir: ‘At the club, he pretended to twist his ankle and insisted I help him into Moe’s.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘But I really think he just wanted a girl on his arm to impress the sad hunchback who owns the bar.’
Moe: ‘I don’t understand why I have to be here for this.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘And that’s the last time you saw Freddy Quimby that night?’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Yes, I hope that helps.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘He and his family seem like such nice people, like American royalty. Commemorative plate stock.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘Thank you. And now… just a few more questions.’
Lou: ‘Sir, you’re questioning this girl longer than you questioned that suspected serial killer.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘Yeah, but that guy wasn’t pretty OR nice.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘And he kept saying he was going to use my bones as a wind chime. Probably innocent anyway.’


Lou receives the next prompt. He’ll need to be free to continue.

Siren Song Pt. 2

After tapping Lou:

Lou: ‘Chief, there’s a problem. I found hundreds of parking tickets in Miss Kashmir’s name.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Oh, no, I must have left my car in a loading zone before the meltdown that destroyed the town.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘Don’t you worry your pretty little head, we’ll talk to the judge about them.’
Lou: ‘You didn’t clear any of those suspected serial killer’s parking tickets.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘Just try not to get any more tickets in the meantime, Ms. Kashmir.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘And watch out — there’s a suspected serial killer on the loose.’

Objective(s): Make Princess Kashmir Practice Kicks
12 hours OR 6 donuts

Chief Wiggum is up next to kick off the next part.

Siren Song Pt. 3

After tapping Chief Wiggum:

Chief Wiggum: ‘I have good news and bad news, Ms. Kashmir.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘The bad news is I couldn’t get the tickets dismissed. You have been sentenced to 24 hours of community service.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘What’s the good news?’
Chief Wiggum: ‘That I finally got to use the expression “I’ve got good news and bad news”!’
Princess Kashmir: ‘First I danced for money.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘Then I danced because I was happy.’
Princess Kashmir: ‘And now I dance because I am sad.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘As long as you’re dancing!’

Objective(s): Make Princess Kashmir Dance Around Town
24 hours OR 12 donuts

And the Princess dances to the end of this quest and all of her involvement in Level 47.


Calamity Case Pt. 1

After tapping the French Waiter:

French Waiter: ‘Wat is this? A letter? Address to French Waiter Un-Deux-Trois Baguette Lane, Tour De France, Springfield.’
French Waiter: ‘Zut Alors, that’s moi!’
French Waiter: ‘Dear Monsieur Waiter, today is très important. More important than Bastille Day. For today, we need your help.’
French Waiter: ‘We have been informed that you might have information regarding some recent vandalism, or Street Monets as you probably don’t call them in France.’
French Waiter: ‘Sacre Bleu, I must go to the police station immediately!’
French Waiter: ‘Pierre, please inform the Indoor Cigarette Smoking Club that I will be absent ce soir.’

Objective(s): Make French Waiter Answer Questions Downtown
Requires Police Station
4 hours OR donuts

Chief Wiggum gets the next prompt to continue.

Calamity Case Pt. 2

After tapping Chief Wiggum:

Chief Wiggum: ‘Alright, here is the pâté you demanded.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘Now what information do you have?’
French Waiter: ‘This pâté is hardly fresh. And where is my fine bottle of red wine to go with it?’
French Waiter: ‘I had heard stories of America’s broken justice system, but le truth is far worse.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘The truth is in America we usually just ask you questions while we illegally search your beat-up car.’
French Waiter: ‘First no wine, and now you sully my Renault! You leave me no choice but to protest.’
French Waiter: ‘And perhaps to go buy wine.’

Objective(s): Make French Waiter Protest
Requires Police Station
24 hours OR 12 donuts
Again, Chief Wiggum gets the next prompt, keep him free.

Calamity Case Pt. 3

After tapping Wiggum:

Chief Wiggum: ‘Ow! You stepped on my foot!’
Chief Wiggum: ‘Sir, please sit down, you can’t have a protest march in an eight foot by eight foot room.’
French Waiter: ‘You cannot silence my rights as a Frenchman! This is police brutality!’
Lou: ‘Brutality?! You’re the one who keeps hurting us!’
French Waiter: ‘How dare you? Are you calling moi clumsy?!’
Lou: ‘Well you kicked me in the neck, and you spilled Eddie’s coffee on his face, so yeah.’
Lou: ‘You gotta get out of here before anyone gets seriously hurt.’
Eddie: ‘Boss, deliveryman’s here with those rat traps and cooking knives you ordered.’
Chief Wiggum: ‘Ok, Frenchie, out now!’
French Waiter: ‘This is slander! I AM NOT CLUMSY!’
French Waiter: ‘Could a clumsy man juggle these silver hammers?’

Objective(s): Make French Waiter Clumsily Hurt Himself
12 hours OR 6 donuts
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