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power plant placement

That's the way they designed it.

I'm guessing at least for the control building, they were looking at it as the "front" being the fencing entrance rather than building entrance. Similarly, there's really no definitive "front" for the reactor core, so who's to say where it's really facing.


  • efin98
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    There is a gap in the fence surrounding the control building, this is roughly the "front entrance" so orient this opening towards you makes the entrance "face you"
  • Mr_Raikkonen
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    I thought the rotation was literally just a horizontal flip, but I also noticed the same thing today with the Up, Up & Buffet (aeroplane restaurant). You can look at it from the front but the sign skews quite a lot so it looks odd.
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  • aidx1054
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    I know it's designed this way but I don't get why considering when the control building faces one way you can't see the front door or the parking lot joke.

  • JimJ321
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    Yeah, the boy will irritate you
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