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Ch Ch Ch Changes I Want

I agree with #2. They should change it out. Let French Waiter be at Gilded Truffle, Squeaky Voiced Teen valet at Pimento Grove & Yes Man be at El Chemestri.

And while they're at it, let Moleman do security at another building. Especially one that doesn't have any tasks associated with it.

And yes we do need more land. I'm out of it and have been reduced to making space & play around with buildings whenever there's a new update that rolls out.


  • Corrcorrcorr
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    edited November 2014
    I agree with first two. And I really would like nighttime mode for the game. Land is not an issue for me yet, haven't bought it all still.

    I'm not sure if I understand what you meant with the last one though?
  • Sleeping_Sun05
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    edited November 2014
    I agree with all these changes. Being able to switch round tasks sounds brilliant :)
  • efin98
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    edited November 2014
    To be frank, I agree with you entirely about numbers 1 and 2. Night mode would help a lot especially with some of the building animations. It's bad enough there is no bad weather until "winter" but being in daylight 24/7 is a bit much...
    Characters should use more than one building for their tasks. We already have the beginnings of that with multiple KEMs and GNBs but it should be taken a step further and expanded to other restaurants.

    Number 3, I am partly in agreement. There are some items that should be able to go in there, specifically the **** related stuff. But the castles themselves? Not going to happen. No building in Springfield will be put in Krustyland, not even a Krustyburger.

    Number 4, I can't sympathize with you. Sorry if you ran out of room but when they solve more important issues they will give more land. Until then do what the game was meant for and redesign your town to fit in new buildings and decorations :roll:

    Number 5, 100% multiplier is unreasonable. You have longtime players who don't even have that high of a multiplier and who are in the same situation as you are. It should be based on maximum level and completing all quests for all characters.
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