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Level 48/49 characters/skins/buildings

Helen Lovejoy.

I'm still holding out hope that we will get Maggie for Christmas.


  • Molly_Pills
    121 posts
    edited November 2014
    i think the lego skins would be amazing for marge and homer maybe even bart from the brick like me episode.
    also the playdoh factory or box factory
    blazing guy would be dope a future bart and lisa skin would be cool
    for charcters i would love stephen hawking, king toot, lebron, Leon Kompowsky, or Britney Brockman
    evven just a few of these would make me so happy
  • BrandoMG
    101 posts
    edited November 2014
    Fat homer skin should be awesome
  • skollthewolf
    527 posts Member
    edited November 2014
    Level 48
    Lurleen Lumpkin with her trailer, Colonel Homer skin, and Shotkickers. Buck McCoy (from "The Lastest Gun in the West" ) as a premium.

    Level 49
    Helen Lovejoy, with Jessica Lovejoy as a premium.

    Level 50
    Sideshow Bob and Gil become playable characters. Maggie Simpson as a FP prize.
  • unfeasible
    28 posts
    edited November 2014
    Hippie Homer, or Muumuu Homer. That'd be fantastic.
  • velinadelinis
    2093 posts Member
    edited November 2014
    BrandoMG wrote:
    Fat homer skin should be awesome

    Wearing a moo moo :lol:
  • Remy3000
    95 posts
    edited November 2014
    Let's make it the Phil Hartman appreciation level and release Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure.
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