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missing donuts

I had the same issue the last time I bought donuts. For me it got resolved through live chat with EA. I had to send them a screenshot of the email confirming the purchase, and they gave me my donuts and even some extra to make up for the trouble. I also have an Android device btw.

So I would suggest you try that. Be patient though, there can be a long wait before someone's available to chat with you. Good luck!


  • crickett40
    57 posts Member
    edited November 2014
    Thanks! Still waiting for the online chat to load. :)
  • ava111sk624
    41 posts Member
    edited December 2014
    Can anyone tell me how long does it usually takes to resolve problem with EA? I used amazon coins to purchase 900 donuts on Friday night. Donuts never appeared in my account. I contacted EA and told them about my problem. It appears the person ended chat right then without telling me anything. The first email gave case number and said that game advisor will contact me shortly. Second email about hour later says my case is now closed. Still no donuts! When I click on case number it tells me - ghost chat chat disconnect but above it says pending. So don't know what is going on, should I wait or should I contact them again. I don't have screen shot of the transaction as I never thought I would have problem to receive the donuts. But I'm out of 50 USD which is a lot for me considering I have no income for past 3 years because health problems. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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