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Did the update change how far we can zoom in?

I'm a bit out of the loop as I wasn't on at all yesterday due to shopping the crashing post shopping but today I suddenly realized I can zoom in way, way closer than I ever could before, didn't change any screen resolution settings so did the update change this? It was kind of fun and really allowed me to appreciate the little details on characters and buildings and also cool designs and things in my neighbors' towns. Just surprised me. I'm an iOS player on iPad if that makes a difference.

Also did anyone else have to do the whole feast for Flanders thing twice? I saw reference to some issues there but not the details. I know I had already set it and even completed it and somehow I popped into my town and Lisa and Flanders and Homer too were all free while all my others. We're on tasks and my town hadn't been tapped in almost a full day (and I know I absolutely had those three characters on tasks when I left! I never just leave characters without a task) so I was sort of confused there when I logged in finally today right after the update loaded.
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