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We Don't Sell myPods Quest gone

So about a week or so ago I had the SECOND part of the "We Don't Sell myPods" quest pop up, including the dialog and the jobs to build King Toots but, presumably because I never got part 1, I couldn't build it because it wasn't in my available building list - it is locked saying it requires starting the "We Don't Sell myPods Pt. 2" quest. So I had the jobs sitting there with no way of completing them...and now they're gone completely from my task list.

Even stranger, I hadn't even STARTED the Gilded Truffle quest-line at the time, let alone finished it. I have done so now and moved right on through Miranda Rights (Penitentiary is building ATM).

Is there any way of prompting this quest to appear and/or the store to become available?
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