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Tips for getting SLH

There's no need to panic. If you have close to the maximum amount of friends (that's around 300 Santa coins a day) and you have lights on most types of building, you will get SLH and have more than a few coins to spare. If you are that worried you can also put your characters all on Christmas tasks. I have also been saving for him and it has only taken a few days to get enough coins so relax. You want him, you'll get him.


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    I don't remember exactly, but you decorate enough houses so a task is unlocked. I think Flanders on the sled, homer building a snowman. And Lisa making a snow angel. You'll unlock the bowlarama and Barney gets a task. Then you buy a funzo, either with donuts or coins, and then the Try and Save shows up. It seemed SlH unlocked right away after that. You want to visit all your towns daily so that you have enough coins. It didn't take me very long, maybe a week, and I nought my Funzo with coins too. You have lots of time.

    There must be a walkthrough somewhere that can give you the exact order better than my bad memory. But you are right to want the dog. He's cute!
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    Relax fella you still have about 2 weeks left for the event. Visit your neighbors daily, decorate all your houses, send Homer, Bart, Flanders on thier 10 hr tasks, send Lisa on the 5 hr task and send Marge on her 16 hr task abd finally collect from your decorated items. Santa's Little Helper cost 1500 doing what I just said should get you him in about 4 days. That is if you have between 70-100 neighbors.
  • Irishdazzler
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    I too am stuck. I've gotten as far as the Bowlarama but then all Christmas tasks seem to have stopped.

    I've decorated 9 different types of houses, and still have 1,300 santa coins left. Would so love SLH!!!!
  • feelin_irie_685
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    My problem lies in what do we do with all the coins after SLH? I have tons but it seems there is really no use for them. Kinda sad they're was a lotta clicken goin on to score dem coinage
  • zoewilder
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    Add me, almost no friends! => zoewilder
    I really want SLH ...
  • vaicilajean
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    For people who are stuck on Christmas tasks, see the Walkthrough here: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9043283.page
    The Christmas tasks are at the end of the original post, but be sure to read through the introduction as well.

    If you're just worried about getting enough coins, here's my advice:
    1) Only buy one Funzo (the 500 coin one) and then save up for SLH. You only need one Funzo before SLH is unlocked. Then you can save for the 1000 coin Funzo after you have SLH, but you don't have to stress about missing SLH.
    2) Definitely add and visit as many friends as you can. I typically pull in about 180 Santa coins from visiting friends per day, and that's without trying to max out on friends.
    3) Have your houses decorated! I also receive around 70 coins per day from decorated houses (5 per house type), plus another 10 from the Holiday Tree.
    4) Keep sending Ned, Lisa, Homer, Bart, and Marge on their Santa Coin generating tasks. You can get over 30 coins per day this way.
    4) Remember that the Christmas event runs until January 3rd, so you have plenty of time. There's about 14 days left in the event, so you should have no trouble saving up enough coins for SLH by then.

    Good luck!
  • BlueElwood
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    Also if your worried you don't have enough friends yet have been asking threads, why not add them instead of them just adding you?

    I am 300 coins away which I should have by tomorrow with my friend visiting. I stopped with the tasks as I thought 'I can either send my character on a ten hour task and get 6 coins or just visit 2 friends while getting money'. Just go on those threads and add neighbours.
  • MaggieLisa33
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    There is also a good walkthrough stickied in the FAQ section of the forum. Don't worry, you'll get there. Just make sure you have Lisa free as you move through the later Christmas tasks - I think she prompts the Try-n-Save, the Funzo and SLH. Good luck!
  • petergeenen
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    According to the facebook page, the event is going to be extended. So you will have more than two weeks to get the coins you need.
  • ongandy86
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    I got my SLH two days ago and that includes accidentally buying the freaking second funzo before.

    Just visit all that 100 friends with santa deco. It works.
  • Jopa79
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    Like everyone else was saying, just keep putting everyone on coin tasks. Between that and a few decorated houses, you will get about 100 coins a day. With over 2 weeks left, you should be fine. Btw, I'm with you, still 600 coins away from getting SLH. My friends list is far from full, by choice, but I know what you mean, it seems like its been really slow going the last few days. Today is the 9th day since I decorated 4 houses, so I'll starting turning a profit on them now.
  • Chibihalo
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    Right, I said I know the event is extended. I've been keeping the final bits of my Edna quests on hold in order to keep Bart on the Christmas tasks but some days I can only visit once a day and I do all my coin collecting then. Problem is I've been in such a rush to collect from people I missed out on fifteen coins last night because some of my neighbors only have some of their house farms decorated because they've probably accidentally turned off the lights. Then there are people so fed up with the event extending into January they're turning off the lights on Wednesday.

    The people in those threads are at such low levels you don't really get anything out of them because they only have one house decorated. I found that out the hard way. And the people I would love to have as neighbors are already maxed out on friends and don't want any more requests for them so I can't really go around asking them.

    Oh and in case anyone is wondering, I need nearly twelve hundred coins to get him. That's why I don't think I'll be able to get there in time even with the extention.
  • mrmil0
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    Apparently I am just doing too much too soon. I never spend donuts to speed anything up but I was up to 100 friends in the first couple days after starting the game (last Tuesday). I am currently at level 15 and I just started building the Gulp & Blow. I have about 1100 santa coins right now and am only at the part where Barney is sleeping in the gutter. I imagine by the time I am able to get SLH I will easily have the coins I need.
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