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Add-Me Thread


  • nicolknappen
    192 posts Member
    edited January 2015
    please add my friend... newbie, at 15, leveling up fast... plays many times a day! Will leave bldgs to click for you

    ADD: asmessaert
  • gordanica1100
    3 posts
    edited February 2015
    Add me: gordanica1100
    Daily player, lvl 49. Need new neighbours after deleting inactive ones.
  • delegg629524
    337 posts
    edited February 2015
    My friends list is now full. Thank you for the responses!
  • jessiebrow170
    14 posts
    edited February 2015
    Just unfriended many neighbours that stopped playing. Please add me. :)
  • tayloralli881
    7 posts
    edited February 2015
    Please add me only if you do daily visits to other Springfields. That way we both benefit. I play and visit every day.

  • Jcecks
    1 posts
    edited February 2015
    add me Jcecks. Play daily.
  • denalidad
    14 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    I have a couple of openings due to people asking to be added and not responding or being not very active. Level 49 and multi-daily player; I only click on your money buildings and do not deface them - I ask that you do the same since those little paint cans cost Righteousness points. So if you want an active neighbour who will help you get FP's, add me, denalidad.
  • leocnoa
    2 posts
    edited February 2015
    Add me
  • edited February 2015
    Add me! Every day player!
  • havocmike
    79 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    <--- this guy just deleted a ton of dead weight losers from his friends list. take their places!
  • edited February 2015
    Add me...daily player Shadowmight2014
  • lilyn_18
    1 posts
    edited February 2015
    Add me, I play daily!
  • Kaulaote
    1 posts
    edited February 2015
    add me Kaulaote daily player
  • zitch702
    17 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    I need active friends add me zitch702
  • joeKrollo
    65 posts
    edited February 2015
    Hello fellow tappers!

    I have quite a few neighbors, but very few from the forum. In the past few months I have been using the forum on a average basis and want to make some friends from here that I can interact with on here, check on peoples towns who redesign them regularly, and be able to make some "online" friends.

    Been playing since the THOH 2012 event (basicly since the beginning.) I play every day, visit neighbors towns, delete inactives, and during the events make sure to "TAP" every few hours. Hope to meet a few of you and have the privelage to add you.

    I only ask one very small request, please private message me on here first so that I know to add you because your a forum member... not just a random looking to max out here neighbors. Quality over quantity. :D Happy tapping friends!
  • efin98
    5856 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    Asking on behalf of my sister, johnsonlis375

    She is a level 46 player who plays multiple times daily and needs more neighbors.
  • Mag-Pi_526
    12 posts
    edited February 2015
    Please add me. I`m in need of some active players.
    Level 49 daily player


  • SnarkTheCat
    138 posts
    edited February 2015
    Please add SnarkTheCat

    I am a daily player, level 47, looking for other daily players.

    I am clearing out my inactive neighbors before the next event starts.
  • oxchampion549
    1 posts
    edited February 2015
    I'm new to this game, but super addicted and a multi-daily player. Please add me Oxchampion549
  • SuuperSmiile
    64 posts Member
    edited February 2015
    SuuperSmiile (2 u's, 2 i's) Level 49 Premium daily tapper, just cleaned out my friends list, need lots of friends. Level 45 or above please and daily tappers, thanks! Dont add SuuperSmiile2 it wont get accepted.
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