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Wiggum House?

I am betting this is like halloween. Some stuff will disappear and other stuff will come. For example it says santa's village and the winter king aren't hanging around. And costingtons was also in the files but it's not up yet.


  • mcduck90
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    bretro85 wrote:
    Where are the decorations and lights for the Wiggum House? :(
    We saw spoilers for it last year with the Santa on the roof and thought for sure we would see it this year.

    Was also hoping Maggie would finally show up in her starsuit this Xmas. Maybe next year...!

    You never know. One of the daily prizes after 3 quests is Burn’s mansion decorative lights. That means that some other day we might get Wiggum’s house ;)
  • drosax1
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    edited December 2014
    yea i think it's possible like the tunnel #2 task reward is the burns manor facade the 3rd and pprize number 4 of the winter 2014 part 1 prizes is a facade for the church
  • aned180788
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    I think we will get them somewhere, after all, Other Springfield's Wiggum house has them along with Burns' Mansion, Fat Tony's Mansion, the Church and the Sea Captain's Houseboat.
  • LPNintendoITA
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