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Daily Limit on Friends' Presents?



  • joelle124676
    28 posts
    edited December 2014
    There is a glitch. I filed a ticket and they are working on it. Good luck. I suggest you file too, since I was 1st case they knew of.
  • suetopia
    4239 posts Member
    edited December 2014
    I wrote this in another thread, but thought the info may be helpful to some people in this thread as well, as it is specific to friend visits during this event:

    Just thought I'd note this - the elf home, present depot and Christmas tree still pay out presents to you if a neighbour taps it (even if it only gives them money if they accidently tap it). I accidently tapped one of my Neighbour's present depot and felt terrible about it all day (I thought I stole their presents). Another neighbour tapped my elf home and present depot and I still got the presents. So now I feel pretty relieved! :D
  • ambug666
    54 posts
    edited December 2014
    Also if you click on a $ or menu or cash register or the like, you don't get a present and it subtracts from yoUr available present taps. Be careful.
  • Gary_A_D
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    edited December 2014
    If you ask me, and yes, I know you didn't ask, EA needs another update to get this frigging event in order.
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