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No present - Glitch?

it happened to me too a few times in the beginning of the x-mas event. Seems to be working now. We think it's tied to one of the first two elves doors where one can win that tree if you don't already have it. So the game is not paying it out even if you already have till you get past the second door. I think that's right. Someone will correct me if I am mistaken.


  • pattimesseng
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    Thank you John, I saw your other thread, but it was addressing not getting gifts from tapping on other people's towns. I thought this was a different subject because I didn't get gifts from tapping in my own town. I went back and found a few friend's towns where I could still tap on 1-2 buildings. I tapped on the gift icons hovering over houses, and still didn't get any gifts. So I have no gifts at all to my name. I don't understand what the problem is.
  • johncolombo
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    either they haven't updated fully or your taping the wrong things, You cannot get present from a neighbors metal tree, tree, or elf house. You both must have Santa workshop finished. In your own town have you finished elf tunnels 1 and 2?
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