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Send everyone on a task at once!



  • annettemarc
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    edited December 2014
    barszap785 wrote:

    I think a good solution to this type of thing would be to have task presets. You would set up a batch of tasks for people. Say I want to create a task preset called "4 hour jobs". Then I'd go through and manually assign everyone to the 4 hour jobs I'd like, including joint tasks. I could even assign the few people that don't have 4 hour jobs to the task I'd like for them when I assign everyone else to 4 hour jobs. Then I save that entire assignment as a preset that I can assign over and over.

    Sort of a set of "favorites" ... For each job length? Now that I have more ingame money than I know what to do with, I often set characters on tasks of varying times. (I love to look at my town and see the Texan on the mechanical bull - 10 hours, Bernice arguing with her husband -- 8 hours, Carl as a Viking -- 24 hours, and Tatum walking the tiger -- 4 hours.) I have over 100 characters, and there are days I don't have time to assign the way I like.

    I'd love to either set a group such as you describe or maybe some OPTION to have my designated favorite tasks show at the top of each character's task list whenever I choose a "list favorites first" option. If I don't deliberately choose to use that option on a given day, tasks show sorted by time just as they are now.

    Its a baby step compared to your setup, but ...
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  • jraffa50
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    jraffa50 wrote:
    Oh yes, I am aware of that and I agree 100%. But according to other things I've read on this forum, there should never be anything like this added, the point of the game is mindless tapping at all times, and anyone who disagrees is lazy.
    The reason this feature will never be added is not because it is undesirable to players; but, because, it is counterintuitive toward the health of the game. The less time and effort a player spends in the game, the less likely he will be invested in playing. (Well, there is such thing as being too time consuming; but, this feature would reduce the play time by too much... definitely >50%.)

    Plenty of players including myself would love this feature; but adding it on the part of EA would be so very very very dumb.

    I understand what you are saying about wanting to keep people playing. But if players are bored because the game is getting tedious then they will also play less. In between events I will open the game and I don't even feel like switching everyone's tasks out. It becomes a chore and sometimes I don't even bother.

    When a game turns into a chore people spend less time playing too.
  • benb61
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    edited December 2014
    I would love something akin to the favorites option mentioned, as it is I have over $190,000,000 (you read that right $190 million) and I usually only send people on tasks when there is something required for quests. It would be cool to have father Sean riding his motorcycle with Mindy riding hers or Arnie in the news copter and have Homer flying Santa's sleigh.
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