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Dec.16th - Hanukkah Prize & Questline for Krusty?

Yea it would be a good addition. Family Guy The Quest For Stuff already has one Chanukah item with their Christmas update, why can't we?


  • lynnmckenz82
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    edited December 2014
    I'd love it, but I'm sure not counting on it. :-(
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  • drosax1
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    edited December 2014
    bretro85 wrote:
    Really hoping for this, this year.
    Be a great needed addition to the Winter/Holiday update. I wouldn't mind a dreidel or two in my town either! Perfect time for Rabbi * Kustofsky to pop into our towns too.

    They could also add it to the 16th Elf Tunnel too I suppose.

    while that would be awesome it won't happen Tunnel 16 is the "Christmas" Totem/Christmas Sanjay's House If the player already has "Christmas" Totem, then the player is awarded Christmas Sanjay's House instead and all of the tunnel prizes are already listed
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