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Christmas Conspiracy The Bad Santa Equation CONGRATZ SPRINGFIELDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The bells are no longer jingling and the halls are decked with blood of innocent Springfielders that fell prey to the villainous threat that was unleashed upon Springfield. The shops of Springfield are no longer crowded with jolly people searching for that one perfect present nor are there grumpy men following their wifes and girlfriends like a packing mule. Instead there is panick. People screaming. Buildings burning. The villainous threat blasted open the prison gates, demolished the school and wrecked havoc on Springfielders houses.

Present, Simpson House

The smoke of fires and people gasping for their last breath has reached Evergreen Terrace. Marge is looking out of the window and Bart is dancing on the bed. “No school, no school!” Bart reaches for the phone and dials Milhouses number. The answering machine picks up. “Milhouse! The school has been destroyed. It is Christmas already! Get over here so we can make some prank calls or play some Bonestorm, and …” Before Bart can finish, the line is cut and Bart hears nothing but static.

Present KBBL Radio
Bill and Marty stay on post as Springfield falls in ruins. Valiantly informing citizens of Springfield of what is happening on this gruesome day. “Were are still here folks, trying to get you all the information we can about the villainous threat that is roaming Springfield. Here to inform you is Arnie Pie in The Sky,” Marty announces.

“This is Arnie Pie in the Sky live to bring you a report on the latest events during this Christmas Massacre that seems to have hit Springfield. The School is destroyed, prisoners escaped Springfield Prison and blood is flowing down the sewer grates. But let’s rem…” Before Arnie Pye can finish, an electrical sounds disturbs the broadcast. Arnie looks out of the corner of his eye and sees what appears to be a mechanical sleigh, propelled by mechanical reindeers. Only moments later, it is raining blood. Arnie has been caught by the propellers of the helicopter…

“We seem to have lost Arnie, but we will come back when the link has been re-established,” says Bill. At that very moment, a static comes through on KBBL Radio’s transceiver. Two men are overheard talking.

“Can, can you hear me,” asks the first person. “Yes, I can,” replies the second. “It appears our plan has backfired. The threat is after us too. We will have to device another plan to discredit him.”
The static disappears, but was heard by everyone listening to KBBL Radio.

Present, Simpsons House

A car drives up and slams the breaks, causing a lot of noise. Marge comes running out with Maggie on her arm. She sees Homer jumping out of the car.

“Thank God, Homie, you are allright,” Marge exclaims. “Hurry Marge get into the car. We have to move. No time to explain. I know who we need,” says Homer.

Marge quickly gets into the car, carrying nothing but little Maggie. “Homie, I have a feeling we forgot something… LISA where is she Homie, she was with you at Costingtons.” “Lisa? Well…”
Tune in Later at Day One to find out what happened…



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