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Why no FEDS?? Glitch??

Many people are having the "tunnels not working / feds don't appear" issue, which as you say is easily remedied by visiting the friends screen or even Krustyland. It just needs to re-sync. I'm not sure but I think it's related somehow to the animation of getting a new elf, so if you just finished a tunnel task sometimes this problem will occur and upon re-entering your town the elf will then appear and fly to the workshop (most of the time anyway - there have been some reports of the elf not being awarded at all).

However I have not heard of any problem where someone who could previously deploy Feds suddenly became unable to do so. Not everyone realizes that you get presents for sending a fed, so they might have done it before out of curiosity/generosity and are now tapping buildings because they erroneously believe that is the only way they can get presents.
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