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Still no Zultroy, but an update from EA callback

Well, I still don't have Zultroy in my SF, so I did the EA callback option from my original help ticket.

Got a call back in about 5 minutes (around 1pm PST), and the helpful agent tried to put Zultroy in my account several times without success. He said EA had been running scripts overnight to place Zultroy where he was supposed to be, and mine was the first call today he had handled on that topic.

He said there was another issue, the Homer/sleigh/quest line not advancing that had been the majority of his calls today. After the last attempt at adding Zultroy to my account, he asked the Tier 2 support what was going on, and apparently something changed with the scripts that were run that then disabled the agents from being able to place Zultroy in SFs. He was also experiencing server access issues (it's not just us!), and said that he knew they were pulling people in at all hours, since the event is going on and people need to finish quests/tunnels. He said give it another day (or two), but he expects they should have a solution. He said Zultroy can be added after the event is over, too.

Very helpful guy, and he threw some donuts my way for the inconvenience.

So, the callback help option, while it didn't fix my problem today, was quite informative and much easier than dealing with live chat.
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