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Visiting friends during Christmas 2014 Phase 2

I'm testing a new strategy for doing my friend visit rounds every day for phase 2, and I thought I would share. It is somewhat time consuming, but it should help maximize the reward, and (if you're like me) still allow you to give all neighbors three taps per day.

What I do is I go through my friends list once, tapping only on Elf Canons and Elf Caves, or if both are unavailable, any one single building (to sync up refresh times). This will leave a lot of neighbors missing 1 or 2 taps for the day. Later in the day, I will then make my rounds again, this time while still prioritizing on canons and caves (some of the towns may have had this already tapped during my first round, so sometimes I get lucky again during my second round), I will give all 3 taps if nothing else is available. You can continue doing this until you get all the bell rewards for the day, or until you give all neighbors 3 taps like I do on most days. Again, somewhat time consuming, but split into two rounds a day, it's manageable.

The problem is that still quite a lot of people do not have their Elf canons and caves located together or near each other. This means I spend more time searching for the cave than what is necessary, and nobody benefits from this.

Also, does anyone else notice that elves do not spawn when you're doing your friends visits? I think this would fall in line with behavior from past events. I think elves spawn in 3's (you can hear a glass/bottle breaking sound), not sure how long in between, but seems like 10 or 15 minutes. But when I do my friends round and come back to my town, there are usually no elves around until I wait another 10-15 minutes.
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