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Would have much rather had 25% off EA..



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    sonny1618 wrote:
    You don't know me. I'm 6'5" and 260lbs in the real world. I'm not afraid of speaking my mind in real life due to fear consequences. I will slap a * in need be!

    What part of REMAIN CALM is confusing?

    Oh I'm calm. :P
  • dcline414
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    I think a lot more people would have bought more doughnuts with a 25% off sale then this one.
    I hope this somewhat intelligent thought doesn't get lost in the cockfight, but here goes nothing...

    I agree that this was a bad swap on EA's part, but for a totally different reason. True, 25% more doughnuts translates into 20% off rather than 25%, but that's probably not going to keep a lot of people from buying if the 25% off would have been enough.

    What you have to consider is that most users have a few things in mind that they want, and the total cost is likely somewhere between the price tiers offered. Let's say I want 400 doughnuts worth of premium items. If EA offered 25% off, I would probably buy 900 doughnuts rather than two packs of 300. But with the 25% bonus I am faced with a tough decision and would probably opt to live with just 375 (300 +25%).

    I was torn between buying 900 or 2400, but the 25% bonus made 900 seem like plenty enough. Who really needs 3000 doughnuts, especially if they've already bought some (as most users likely to take advantage of this sale already have)? Sure, they may get a bit more money, but they will never know how much they lost by incentivizing customers to buy a smaller amount.
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