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Phase 2 Helping friends - am i missing something?

I believe this thread will help answer some of your answers while letting you know also open questions.


  • nascarchamp0
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    What is the best way to help friends? Lotsof people tap on my buildings and i get handshakes but no bells come from them? I get the odd person that taps my cannon and elf tunnel, they both return bells but not very often?

    When i visit my friends it is very rare that there cannon or tunnel is available to tap so other than self help is it really worth visiting friends?

    Heh Fuzz!

    Tapping the canon and elf door are the only 2 items that help the neighbours, otherwise its just a regular handshake for money.
    When you tap these 2, you get double the bells until your 120 actions/day run out.

    Also, once someone has tapped your cannon and elf door, they won't show up to the next guy till you sync your town. its exactly like the tile glitch.

    My strategy has been that once I've cleared a handshake I go to that neighbour and tap the cannon and door then return to my town. Right now I have the time to do this but most probably don't so they tap whatever and move on. Just do whatever works for you.
  • ernienbenny
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    edited January 2015
    It takes a bit of time, but this is how I do it. I have the max number of friends, and visit each every day: if either the elf door or the cannon aren't available, I tap at least one thing with a bell above it (to start that f(_)king annoying 24 hour timer), then move on to the next friend. Tap the cannon and elf door if available, and move on, etc. Then I go back through my friends again, and at least 1/3 of the time, either the door or the cannon, sometimes both, will be available. I always try to do my utmost to help my friends... even though I don't always get the same response. :(
    If you're going to have "friends", I feel you should always try to be a good one, and not just a "user" (like someone who "networks"), otherwise, what's the point?
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