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Server is back, but still having issues with lag in game.

I'm having a lot of freezing too in my game, especially when trying to move things in my town, placing roads, water or cement freezes the game for a few mins at a time.

Strange you mentioned this, As when i tried going to your town last night and this morning, It freezes up before i could even get in, I had to close down the game completely cause it wasn't "unfreezing" at all...

Will check again soon to see it i can get in again.
EDIT: I can get back into your town :-)


  • Wijsheid
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    edited January 2015
    I don't seem to have troubles. Which device do you use?
  • mmabr69
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    edited January 2015
    I am using iPhone5, I have recently began to build a new 3d concept I found in Google images but I may have to scrap the idea because it's been a disaster trying to place the fencing necessary to create it. Not to mention its one spot almost perfectly diagonal from TL of map to BR that I keep getting lagged out as if the grid is telling me NO! Who knows, I have run into similar grid problems in the past but never this bad. I wasn't sure if it was still server issues or just my town.
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