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How to change $0.99 to £0.69

That is odd. Just checked my game and it says £0.69 as usual and 'Neighbours' heading on the friends list is spelt in UK english too. I'm on an iPad2, ios 7.1.2

Sorry I can't be more helpful, but thought it might be useful info nonetheless.

Oh, and thanks for you visit a minute ago!


  • nissa762
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    edited January 2015
    I'm taking a guess here as mine show up in the correct currency. Login to your origin account and verify your country of residence is set correctly.

    My account -> about me -> Regional Settings
  • Sleeping_Sun05
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    edited January 2015
    FeeJay1111 wrote:
    Decided to treat myself to a scratch card. Here in the UK we pay 69p. I just clicked on a KEM and found the scratch card priced at $0.99. How do I change it back to £? Never seen this happen before.

    Presumably (and I could easily be wrong) there is no risk to you from purchasing a $.99 scratcher as somewhere along the line between iTunes, your bank or wherever it will automatically be converted from the U.S. currency to good old sterling and you will only be charged £.69 anyway? I am from the uk too and have in other games bought items displayed as US dollars and been charged the correct amount in sterling.
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