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Simpsons 01/04/15

Yeah, it was bad... Rehashing of a lot of old material too. :?


  • wagondriver4
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    edited January 2015
    I was so excited at first, then kept getting more and more disappointed. Wife agreed, not a good episode. The "Zion" part would have been more funny, if it connected to anything else. Seemed like there was 20 writers in a room all putting the episode together, and no idea was rejected.
  • tommy1724
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    edited January 2015
    Agree that it was really just an extended Halloween episode. The biggest problem with that is that the Halloween eps are enjoyable because each bit is short enough that the gag doesn't wear thin -- not so last night.

    And rehashing the chip gag? A throwaway five or ten second bit might have been okay, but that went on a lonnnnng time...

    I hate writing a 'back in my day!' post, because I do still sort of enjoy most new episodes, but yeah, rough last night...
  • cripnite
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    edited January 2015
    Omg I forgotten the chip bag redo. It was funny for half a second, then it just pissed on a great memorable scene from an old (better) episode.

    Gah it was just so bad.
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