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Did the event end?

crsroyal wrote:
When I woke up this morning I had absolutely no elves in my town. I got the small island and the 4000 extra bells for donuts. Does that mean I won't get more elves or is it a glitch?

The elf tunnel still spawns them every 8 hours and my cannon still Works fine.

If you login, its better to WAIT (to tab) till the "sound" when from elfspawns stops and your canon clear itself :wink:
And if thats not working? Dont know maybe :wink:
Did the event end?


  • crsroyal
    108 posts Member
    edited January 2015
    I tried closing the app and clearing cache. Now I have a few spawns again. Not sure what happened, but it seems to be fixed now.
  • JimJ321
    4208 posts Member
    edited January 2015
    Event still active. Pic taken less than half hour ago. TAP! Win limited time prizes! You have 1 day, don't give up now!
  • azPCN
    10 posts
    edited January 2015
    They extended it for one more day.
  • Annathewicked
    4716 posts Member
    edited January 2015
    Half hour left on the phase 2 timer right now--- must be a glitch you had no elves
    PM me- I DO need Good Neighboreenos currently
  • goldenredp961
    84 posts Member
    edited January 2015

    I thought the event ended last night (for the quests, at least) when I entered the final phase of the main event quest regarding Bart and Skinner and I tapped onto Skinner's exclamation point for the quest, but there was no task. But then I had just remembered Bart was in the library with Martin for another quest and deduced the quest also needed Bart in order for the task to appear. So then I freed him with donuts.

    I also made it just in time last night for the Ralphie costume. So then I thought, maybe I can shoot for the Spruce Caboose and maybe see if I can get it. Instead, I ended up falling asleep. I awoke, sad to see there was an hour left, until an hour ago, when the timer resetted itself for another 24 hours. Hooray, I guess?

  • anaquarind
    1493 posts Member
    edited January 2015
    One more day! Another day, another destiny.

    I'm hoping to get one more round of doughnuts in the next day. Hopefully that will make me Less Miserable...
    Always looking to add active forum members! But please PM me first.
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